ABOUT IMAGESMP Solutions LLP- The GPS Vehicle Tracking Company, founded in 2014,

the most trustable & reputed brand name in India for whole sale multi brand GPS tracker hardwares, sensors. We are the authorized reseller of VAMOSYS GPS Server which is creating new wave in GPS Server market across the world.   We support all popular GPS devices available in the world. If your current service provider stopped supporting you, you can migrate to our platform without any additional cost.

We set to change the GPS Market in India. At present this market is controlled by cheap over night run away traders. From our analysis we found that 50% of current GPS devices is not working. We are set to change this by infusing high quality hardwares and best performing solution oriented software instead of just basic tracking.

We supply only branded original & genuine GPS trackers from Teltonika, Concox, TrakMate, Coban, Pointer (Cellocator) devices and genuine sensors from most reputed suppliers like Omnicomm etc.  And we give this high quality hardware and software at the unbeatable best price.  Please send mail to [email protected] for more details.

We are whole sale providers, as business strategy we provide preference more to dealers and corporates. Any traders who are currently dealing with chinese platforms can move to our platform without any additional cost. As a special offer we provide server software license at the same rate what you get from Chinese vendors.  Our software has lot more additional features & built-in solutions like School Bus Solutions, Corporate Cab Solutions, Cold Chain Monitoring, Automated Taxi Dispatch system,  ability to integrate with RFID readers, SMS gateway, can on board many other popular brands like Teltonika, Ruptela along with most popular sensors like Omnicomm Fuel Sensor, temperature sensor, door sensors, Weight Sensors etc.

SMP Solutions LLP- provides most comprehensive Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management Solutions along full Open API support for integration with your existing ERPs, Apps etc at international quality with unbeatable price.