VAMOSYS Fuel Monitoring Solution

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Worried About Fuel Theft?

Monitor the fuel level of all your vehicles with the palm of your hand and prevent fuel theft.

Fuel monitoring solutions from VAMOSYS!!!


Minimizing losses through expenditures and maximizing profits forms the core objective of all business houses. Perhaps, with the ever rising prices of fuel, there is the urge, especially for fleet owners to keep an effective and regular check on their fuel usage. Expenses on fuel contribute to over 60% of the operating costs in all fleet businesses. Hence, controlling and monitoring of fuel forms an indispensable element of fleet management.


Definitely, there ought to be a solution to any sort of quandary. And yes, thankfully, technological advancement has gifted us as well with Solutions for Fuel monitoring. FMS is used to monitor, control, maintain and track fuel; inventories, purchases, consumption and dispense, be it any type of industry, using transport. Typically, they are used for fleets of vehicles or vehicles that require fuel to operate. Fleet owners are able to access information and reports stored in the computerized systems anytime, anywhere.


Authentic fuel monitoring solutions from Vamosys will stun you with huge saving experiences on fuel investments. They are designed to accurately determine and manage the utilization of fuel. Instant alerts are sent on detection of refueling or drop in the fuel level without any vehicle movement. Notifications are also sent if the engine is turned on and vehicle is stationary. This ensures that the owner or fleet manager is attentive and keeps a check on the driver’s behaviour. Vamosys provides online fuel management systems through powerful web portals and mobile applications.

Advantages of Adding Fuel Monitoring Solutions To Your Vehicle Fleet

  • Remote Tank Monitoring via Mobile app or web application
  • Fuel Theft Prevention- Instant alerts for sudden change in fuel levels
  • Automated Fuel Fill Reporting
  • Fuel Consumption Recordings
  • Detailed Analytics Report- To help you optimize and reduce your fuel expenses
  • 99% Accuracy Rate
  • Instant Alerts via SMS, E-mails and App Notifications
  • Manage Unlimited Number of Vehicles with the palm of your hand

Adding a fuel monitoring sensor to your fleet of vehicles will help you monitor and track fuel usage. Set up and get customized alerts based on your needs.

A fuel monitoring solution installed in your vehicle guarantees a reduce in your operational costs and would eliminate any anxiety of fuel theft.

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Our Services

Live tracking

Live Time Tracking

The accurate location of your vehicles can be tracked with the VAMOSYS GPS Tracking Device.

Alert Notifications

Alert Notifications

Alerts in the form of SMS / Email Can be received from the VAMOSYS Sotware in activities.

Graphical Reports

Graphical Reports

Reports in the Graphs which are easy to understand and implement in the business.

Activity Report

Activity Report

All Activity Reports can be stored into the device through the data received through the VAMOSYS Tracker.


History Log

The Data for the activity for last 30 days is stored which can be downloaded for all future references.

Mobile App for you

A User Friendly Application which works on Android and IOS Platform to track your vehicles on the go.

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Fuel monitoring systems are crafted to help fleet operators to reduce their fuel consumption by optimizing fuel utilization based on data gathered from fuel sensors. Fuel monitoring solutions are widely used by logistics and transport companies all over the world. Fuel monitoring solutions from vamosys help you prevent fuel theft, give you 99% accurate data on fuel level consumption. The data will be available from your mobile app and the web application.

Installing a fuel monitoring system in your fleet would be a breeze, our fuel monitoring sensors are designed to work with trucks, buses, light commercial vehicles, tractors, cabs and diesel generators.