The Key to Smart Fleet Management – Efficient Fuel Monitoring

Managing the costs of fleet operations begins with the efficient management of fuel costs. It is estimated that fuel is the largest variable expenses involved in any fleet management and only those organizations that have proactive fuel management programs can expect to have firm control over fuel costs in the long run. When organizations don’t have a mechanism to anticipate and control sudden spikes in fuel costs, then they can’t prevent them from running through rough weathers.

Fuel Monitoring

For fleet operators, a significant part of operational costs involves fuel. Goes without saying, efficient fuel management can not only reduce the consumption of fuel and help the operator make a significant saving on the operational costs. Knowing how much of your fuel is used in your day-to-day operations is very important to ensure efficient and profitable fleet operation.

Manual calculations of distances traversed vs fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, travel time etc., can be really cumbersome when you have 100+ vehicles and practically it would be impossible to track down every expense and ensure efficient fuel management. But when you don’t have an efficient system, there is every chance that you would be spending through your nose.  Knowing this many fleet operators are now shifting to efficient fuel monitoring devices not only to track and control fuel consumption but to have an efficient fuel management system in place.

Vamosys Fuel Level Monitoring solution is widely used by leading fleet operators, educational institutions, corporate, software companies, manufacturing units, cab operators and government organizations for effective fuel management.

Fuel Monitoring, How it Works?

The device is designed to enable fleet operators to reduce their fuel cost and efficient utilization of fuel consumption. When it is installed to the fuel tank, the sensor in the device reads the consumption directly from the tank and allows you to get consumption data any time with 98% accuracy. The device can be linked to your computer or mobile and you can get real-time reports in a printable format.

Accurate reports can be generated to measure fuel refills against consumption for any particular journey. This allows our customers to readily compare consumption vs travel distance at any point of time to ascertain if there is any sudden drop in fuel level which doesn’t correspond to the distance traversed between two points. Thus, allowing the fleet operator to detect fuel threat effortlessly.

There is no way driver can generate fake bill and fill up the tank with less petrol, as petrol level can be ascertained at any given point.

Where can it be used?

The fuel Monitoring device can be seamlessly integrated into your existing fleet management and fuel monitoring systems. The device is very effective in fuel monitoring on trucks, LCVs (Light Commercial Vehicles), tractors, school vans, college buses, corporate buses, luxury charters, cabs, special equipment’s, diesel generators etc.,

  • In addition to fuel monitoring, the device provides a host of additional details such as temperature monitoring for trucks with refrigeration, the load on the axle for load trucks, pressure monitoring for heavy vehicles.
  • The device helps in monitoring and indicating unexpected or unusual variations in fuel consumption and updates relevant data instantly including time, location, change in fuel levels in the tank etc.,
  • Generates reports in a printable format clearly indicating fuel levels in numbers without graphs. Reading from the graphs can be cumbersome to accurately know the consumption levels.

The fuel monitoring device can bring a great level of efficiency to your fuel management. The device can also be used to know

Fuel Monitoring

  • Amount of fuel stolen by drivers, mechanics and other thieves
  • the amount of fuel disappeared vs distance covered accurately
  • Can track unnecessary stop over and detours leading to efficient fuel management
  • Timely information of top up and drain
  • Analysis of fuel consumption vs distance traversed
  • Prevent low fuel or emergency refilling
  • Instant SMS alert to designated number(s) in case of an unexpected drop in fuel level
  • Can be very useful in enhancing the productivity and profitability of your fleet operations
  • Can have better control over drivers, De-touring and unauthorized trips
  • Can be used to avoid fines due to vehicle over load