Fuel Monitoring Service

Fuel Monitorinng

Fuel Monitoring and GPS Tracking Devices for Vehicles

With the rapid change on Road Transport industry, the volume of vehicles is expanding in the quick pace. In this manner is the requirement for operations administration of fleet and counteractive action of Fuel burglaries, as the fuel emerges to be the costliest segment of the transport business.

Frequently we sense the disarray in the Fleet proprietors about GPS tracking and Fuel Monitoring. The target of this post is to help as a preliminary to make the clear decision.

What is fuel checking?

Fuel checking keeps you upgraded about the fuel insights in your vehicles. It ought to fundamentally give information and answer your inquiries, for example, when the fuel tank refilled? What number of liters of fuel refilled? What is the fuel utilization rate of my vehicle? What is the genuine mileage of every vehicle? Did somebody take the fuel?

Fuel monitoring, consequently gives you finish control over the fuel insights of your vehicles.


Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite routing system, which gives the area and time data of any objects having a GPS Receiver or GPS Tracker to put it basically. On the off chance that you have a GPS Tracker introduced in your vehicle, you will get this information, at each point your vehicle moves. It likewise gives the inferred parameters, for example, speed, the status of vehicle: STOPPED or MOVING, Distance went between two areas, Acceleration, Deceleration, and so forth.

What is GPS based live Vehicle Tracking?

It is an answer that makes utilization of GPS Trackers and a server and gives the live data of your vehicles by means of a Web Application or programming or a portable application. With GPS based vehicle tracking system, you will know the details of your fleet of vehicles and other info like speed, over speeding, unforgiving braking, stops and so forth.

Fuel Monitoring:

So now we know, a fundamental GPS Tracking Service is not a Fuel Monitoring arrangement!

Fuel Monitoring needs an Advanced Vehicle Tracker, a Sensor that gets you live fuel insights and savvy programming to handle these data and give the fuel levels, fuel amount and naturally identify fuel refill and burglaries in liters.

As fuel Monitoring is a delicate thing, it should be precise and reliable. The exactness of the fuel checking is chosen by the sensors you pick and the insight of your product handling. There are wide decisions of fuel sensors, for example, resistive, ultra-sonic and capacitive sensors (altogether of their costs).

Along these lines, next time you think about a Fuel Monitoring system checks the sensor that is being utilized and exactness of fuel Monitoring.