Corporate Cab/Bus Solutions

Corporate Vehicle Tracking Services

Corporate vehicle Tracking Service

We provide Corporate cab/Bus tracking solution with map optimized feature to track all the transport details of all the employees in the organisation who are using the company cabs (24/7)for the transportation purpose.

We do some basic followups like tracking real time position of the cab, schedule pick-ups / drops, plan & associate routes with geographic regions and also assign the shortest possible route for the employee pick-up and drop locations which would minimize the fuel costs, Unlimited Geo Fencing / KML Integration, Trip Reports and Site Reports.

Each bus in the fleet has installed RFID counting system to count the number of persons boarding and exiting the bus at each bus stop. In that way, we can analyze whether the Cab /Bus was utilized properly by the employees which will increase the efficiency of the organisation. Some added features of our  Cab/Bus tracking solution are iButton integration for driver identification, RFID Integration for passenger attendance, Nearest vehicle Finder, Trip Report with passenger details and Custom report.