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vehicle GPS tracking device

Compelling reasons to install a vehicle GPS tracking device Globally, incidents of vehicle theft and improper driver conduct have prompted individuals and businesses to install vehicle GPS tracking devices. While some manufacturers offer the option of a pre-installed GPS car tracker device, many  shy away due to the specialist nature of the device and the […]

GPS Tracking for School Buses

You must know about the benefits of GPS Tracking for School Buses Now a day, School administration are fully responsible for transporting students safely back and forth to school. They are also responsible for updating parents about any changes on time that’s prevent their children from returning home on time. GPS tracking for school bus […]

A device that ensures absolute child safety

Parent of school going children are concerned about the safety of their kid. Schools and parents are making elaborate arrangements to ensure safe transit of children from home to school and backwards. Most schools have installed GPS tracker in their vehicles to ensure better control over the van drivers. However, parents are curious to have […]